About Me

Basil on the Wall: not a sage on the stage, just a teacher trying to do a good job in a mediocre system. Permit me my terrible pun, I promise there won’t be many more.

I teach high school social studies in Virginia, where I’ve been since 2005. My own education was in Pennsylvania. Like most teachers, I was unprepared for the realities of the job. I keep trying to get better at it. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was pretty young, and my mom (teacher, librarian) jokes about how I come from a line of “uppity women teachers.”

I chose social studies because I am passionate about history and its importance in everything around us. My major hobby is historical reenactment and teaching/performing historical dance. My favorite era to study is the Renaissance but my favorite era of dance is the English Country Dance tradition from 1600-1800, from which square, contra and line dancing all developed.

I blog because journaling and reflection are a very important part of teaching for me. My bachelor’s program was so emphatic about reflection that we joked about getting t-shirts with little mirrors on them that said “Reflect This!” I haven’t been as good about journaling as I used to be, and I’m hoping that having an audience will help me get back good habits.

I also blog at I ❤ Stash about knitting and other crafts that I enjoy and can be found on twitter as alienbooknose (a nickname one of my brothers gave me for reading too much).

My header image is based on this photo by Paul Carroll.

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